Kayle’s Column—March

Should you study the easier or harder subjects first?

Personally, I think you should always study the harder subjects first. If you think about it, the easy subjects are easier to you because you already know them. Why waste your time studying something you already feel comfortable? You should focus your time on getting familiar with something that does not come as naturally to you.

How to find God?

Locate the nearest church of your choosing. He’ll usually be around there.

What is the right way to make toast?

The best way to ensure a crispy piece of toast is via oven, but not all of us have one available. Instead I would suggest a toaster, but when you use it, it is best to watch your toast cautiously. If you can smell it burning then you’ve gone too far and need to start over. Wait for it to get nice golden color then pop it out. Afterwards, feel free to add butter and jam or sugar, depending on what kind of person you are, and enjoy your toast!

What advice do you have on getting through social interactions and not thinking about everything that could go wrong?

Start off by taking a deep breath! You have to realize that anxiety is something that almost everyone goes through and everyone is a bit nervous when they try to talk to someone that they’ve never interacted with before. My advice is to just be yourself and not to stress about the worst case scenarios because it is something that will most likely never happen. I strongly believe that most people are nice, so don’t be nervous that you’ll make a fool out of yourself because that’s usually never the case. Good luck!

– Questions were submitted by WRA Students. Answers by Kayle Gomez ’18.

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