Brigie Speaks: “Don’t Worry, Be Happy”

Life is too short to worry. I, myself, am guilty of being told to “stop worrying” way too often. I try to live in the moment, but I tend to worry about the future, and dwell on the past. Did I say something wrong? What if they think…? What did I just do?! These are all common thoughts of mine. When I am struck by all of these nonsensical thoughts, my friends usually say, “It’ll be fine, who cares,” while the typical response from my father is “Relax…” and my mother adds, “Oh stop! It’s fine Brigid Rose!” The problem is that usually, I will think that it will not be fine and that I honestly do care. It becomes impossible for me to relax when I am told to—my adrenaline skyrockets and my blood begins to profusely rush to my cheeks and guts. I often find myself giving advice to my acquaintances, and yet struggling to use the advice they give me in return. I try to give out advice that I personally would want to follow and think it would result in the most positive outcome. However, I, once again, find myself worried about how others will view me based on these actions.

Another key piece of advice that my dad has always preached to me is to “hope for the best, and plan for the worst.” I live everyday with this thought replaying in my head, especially in the times when I become worrisome. I find that life plays itself out in ways that are outside of our control, and the best we can do is learn to accept this and hope for the best. So, next time you are worried or afraid to try something new, do it! Push yourself out of your comfort zone and just go for it. Try out that restaurant, sit with the new kid, introduce yourself to someone, or ask out that cute boy or girl that you have secretly been crushing on. Instead of being a worry-wart, fuel your energy into making others happy and expanding your own horizons. Regret is the worst feeling, so when you find yourself with even the slightest urge to do something, do it. That way, you can look back on that moment with a smile. Do not worry about what others will think, what the worst possible outcomes could be, or what will happen if you go after your dreams.

If your gut is telling you to go for it, I encourage you to live in the moment and enjoy it. Just remember: hope for the best and plan for the worst. Don’t worry, be happy.

-Brigie Kelley ’18

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