Artist Spotlight: Ben Kishore

Here at Western Reserve Academy, we are fortunate to be amongst the presence of many creative and talented artists. One of these individuals is Ben Kishore. During his time at Reserve, Kishore has actively pursued individual work in the field of photography.

Kishore owes his initial interest in photography to his mother: “My mom got me into photography. She is an artist and always encouraged me to pursue artistic ventures but I was not great at drawing or painting,” Kishore explained. “I also hated getting my picture taken so I always volunteered to take the photos instead. When I got to Reserve, Mr. Doe helped me to better understand photography and made me look deeper into the art,” Kishore continued.

Mr. Doe’s help has been instrumental to people like Kishore. It has allowed the Reserve student body to better cultivate artistic inclinations amidst the chaotic, academic environment of an elite preparatory school.

Kishore’s work consists predominantly of portraits. It is through this format that Kishore gathers most of his inspiration: “I am influenced a lot by the people I take pictures of and my own personal interests like fashion and current events,” Kishore elaborated. The idea of unique personality gives Kishore a great deal of creative opportunity within each shot: “I enjoy doing portraits because it is personal and you have the ability to manipulate and ultimately decide how you want to portray the subject in the final product.” The ability to pick and choose how to portray individuals is an artistically liberating sensation; this personal approach to a conventional field such as portrait photography gives Kishore’s work a unique aspect.

When asked why photography is special, Kishore responded that “photography is special to me because it is a simple task but it takes some thought and learning how to properly use a camera to execute it properly.” Being able to correctly manipulate a complex device despite an apparently simple activity is crucial to success in the field. Photography provided Kishore with an opportunity to express clear, artistic manifestations without using a pen or paintbrush. Being able to portray an individual in the most real way possible––without pen, pencil, or paintbrush––reveals a distinct clarity in the photographed. Through this clarity, Kishore is able to reveal personal characteristics of his subjects.

Kishore’s work is just one of the many excellent examples of the result of determined, creative individuals that pursue excellence outside of the conventional classroom. We look forward to seeing what Kishore can deliver in the future!

-Christopher Sprunt ’17

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