A Taste of the Mediterranean Found at Aladdin’s Eatery

Ever had a craving for food other than boring old pizza? Then Aladdin’s Eatery is for you!

Located in the heart of First & Main, Aladdin’s Eatery provides an eclectic menu of diverse and healthy choices. The menu consists of Mediterranean food, including rolled pitas and pita pizzas. There are many delectable appetizers to choose from as well, including falafel, baba ghanoush (a thick eggplant based dip), and hummus plates. Personally, I find that the most underrated portion of the menu are the smoothies, including such favors as strawberry banana, berry, mango, and carrot. The light and very tasty smoothies perfectly complement any delicious meal that Aladdin’s offers. The menu also offers many vegetarian options including items like hummus falafel rolls, stuffed grape leaves, and plenty of salads to choose from.

For an appetizer, I would encourage you to try the Vegetarian Combo, featuring falafel, baba ghanoush, hummus, tabouli, and dawali.

Additionally, for an entrée I would recommend the Beef Shawarma Rolled for anyone new to the restaurant. It features lean seasoned beef, with various greens and herbs, topped with a tahini yogurt dressing.

For those vegetarians among us, I would suggest the Dawali Rolled. A very unique item, it consists of stuffed grape leaves, feta cheese, greens, and Aladdin’s signature dressing.

Aladdin’s atmosphere is filled with colorful artwork that creates a cozy and relaxed environment. Outdoor seating is also available, weather permitting. The service is friendly and fast, and takeout is also available.

Overall, I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone in the Reserve community. With restaurants like Dave’s and Chipotle receiving most of the attention, Aladdin’s is often left under explored by Reserve students. The restaurant is great for both spending time with friends or to grab a quick takeout dinner. I encourage all of you to branch out and try new foods including some of the great dishes they have at Aladdin’s Eatery.

-Ian Adams ’17

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