2017 Madrigal Feaste Trumped All Others

Imagine this: boys wearing tights, political skits, and a fine dining experience. What could possibly encompass all these things? The answer was seen by students and family on February 12th and 13th at Western Reserve Academy during the Madrigal Feaste.

The choir ditched their usual performance wear and Reserve Green for medieval garments, and not only arranged singing for the event, but also served dinner with medieval costumes, singing, and skits. The choir started the night by processing in, led by the senior choir members. Later, the choir served food to the attending students and family. Cade Howard ‘20 said he did “ not know what to expect. When I heard that I had to dress in tights and sing in front of my friends, I was shook, but as the night went on, I thought that the audience and the performers had a very enjoyable evening.” As the guests ate dinner, the choir took time to serenade small section with their performance songs. According to James Doh 20’ “the serenading was an amazing experience.”

Though Madrigal is an annual choir event, choir members both old and new were able to enjoy performing in this tradition. Casey Semple ‘18 reflects on Madrigal, explaining that it is “ a time to observe my growth as a singer and performer over the past few years. I was able to really have fun with it, which is what Madrigal is all about.”

Danny Mylott ‘17, held similar thoughts on the upbeat nature of the performance, and comments on the skit portion of the night: “Madrigal is an absolute blast. Every year, students and alumni put together some hilarious funny skits. They’ve definitely all been pretty in your face, but my favorite part is watching the different reactions from the first night to the second night. As you could imagine, the parents and members of the Hudson community responded quite differently to the Trump skits than the students.”

Madrigal is a night for the Western Reserve music students to show off their talents through music, comedy, and acting, in a fun-themed way. And, though this may have been the last Madrigal for some performers, this tradition will continue for a long time. As Mylott says, I know there are many great goons in the freshmen to junior classes that will keep this fun tradition alive for the years to come.”

-Andrew Song ’19

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