Pioneer Women’s Cookbook

It’s that time of year again: leaves cover the ground, a wintry chill is in the air, and the holiday season is quickly approaching! And you know what that means, it’s time to find gifts to give to the important people in your life. This year, consider giving a taste of Reserve—literally! For the third time, the Pioneer Women have put together an amazing cookbook by our community, for our community. Recipes from all aspects of Reserve were contributed: faculty, parents, and alumni shared some of their favorites! With a community as diverse as ours, the variety is sure to be exceptional. Some of the names of who contributed to the cookbook may sound quite familiar to students! For example, Mrs. Campbell from the English Department submitted the recipe for her famous Beer Bread, which she has made for her students for thirty years, Eddie Mundy from the dining hall included some of the meals his staff has made for us, and Madame Borrmann included her Borrmann Banana Bread that her students are sure to recognize, just to name a few! In addition, if you’re one of the many students who enjoyed the food brought to the team feeds the past few years, you’re in for a treat as well. From the field hockey team’s caramel corn to the pasta salad enjoyed by the volleyball and swim teams, students are certain to find favorites both old and new. If you’re interested in ordering this cookbook, it goes on sale at the campus bookstore December 16th. It will cost $25, but for an extra $5, you can have it gift wrapped.

-Aidan Johnson ’18

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