Park Geun-hye’s Corruption Exposed

“I feel a huge responsibility deep in my heart. It is all my fault and mistake,” said President Park Geun-Hye of South Korea, but the South Korean people have now reached a point in which her apologies are no longer acceptable.

The recent scandal between Park and her friend has enraged citizens of South Korea; thousands have protested on the street for Park’s resignation. During her tenure, her friend, Sun-Sil Choi, has been privately advising Park on both political and personal matters by accessing important government documents and editing Park’s speeches without holding any office, and exploiting her close relationship with Park for her own personal gain and benefit. Sun-Sil Choi is also affiliated with a religious cult.

After Park met with the acting president Lee on November 28, 2012 after she got elected, it was unveiled that the entire meeting was planned by Choi, with the questions and answers rigged and scripted beforehand. This is a manifest example of how Choi manipulated Park in the way she wanted to. Consequently, South Korea became a country in which the President and leader can be manipulated by a normal citizen.

What really infuriated the public about the scandal involving the South Korean president  is that not only is a private citizen involved with government and policymaking, but also because Choi is part of a religious sect. In turn, Park allowed her friends’ spiritual beliefs dictate her political decisions. It is a careless action of President Park to let her friend brainwash her, and most of us are deeply agitated that a person whom we trusted as a president brought out a huge disappointment to us.

South Korea needs a president who demonstrates not only a sense of leadership but also independence by being confident, not just relying on her confidant. While it is true that Choi should face legal repercussions for her actions, Park should face impeachment based on what she did over four years of her presidency: abuse of power and letting a close friend take over many decisions in government. In the meantime, people of South Korea look forward to a bright future of this country because of the citizens who are willing to overcome this obstacle as one.

-James Doh ’20

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