Jasmine Wheeler Visits Jeopardy

On November 15, Jasmine Wheeler ’20 competed on Teen Jeopardy! A watch party for the freshman class was hosted in the Green Key, featuring a Chipotle bar, and of course, Jeopardy.

How did you find out about the competition?

There was a test about a year ago online for anyone who was interested in being on the Teen Tournament. I’ve watched Jeopardy with my family for a long time and I figured it would be fun to try it. I was shocked when they called me back! I auditioned again with other teens, and later they told me I had made it onto the show!

How did you prepare for the competition?

I competed in Academic Challenge, which is pretty similar to Jeopardy as it’s competitive trivia. I also watched old episodes and practiced buzzing. We started prep in March and filmed in mid April, so I practiced for about a month.

How did you feel the week of the competition? What was it like to meet your competitors?

On the week of filming I was initially nervous but felt more relaxed as the days went on. When my episode started I was in game mode to be honest. While everyone else was filming their episodes the competitors had to sit upstairs in a room with lots of snacks and movies and cards. My fellow competitors and I are still good friends! We have a group chat and Skype all the time.

What was it like to have a Green Key event dedicated to you?

The Green Key event was so fun! I was so excited to see all the support but I was nervous I was going to let everyone down with my loss. Shoutout to our class presidents for making the event happen!

Any advice for aspiring Jeopardy contestants?

Definitely try out! I didn’t expect to get on but it worked out! You never know if you can get on, so you should try out.

Responses were edited for length and clarity.

-Chloe Zelch ’20

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