Brigie Speaks: Blinded by Fortune

Each and every one of us is continuously being supported by someone. Even when we are feeling down and blue, when it truly feels like nobody is on our side, there is always someone keeping our best interest in mind.

There is always someone inside the Reserve bubble, or extending the borders of our campus. Whether it be a teacher, advisor, parent, friend, or teammate, we never go completely forgotten. The Reserve community is blessed to have this comfort, while others outside of our campus are not so fortunate.

While the 400 or so of us left campus to head our separate ways back to our homelands to reunite with our families for a hearty Thanksgiving meal, members of our own world were starving, starved of food, shelter, warmth, and love. We are all lucky enough to have a roof over our heads, a bed to greet us every night, and a meal that we know will always be on the table. We do not worry about these things of which are simply given to us, without any work.

Honestly, I feel guilty. I feel as if I am being selfish, which leads me to feel disheartened and confused. I have taken the love of my family and friends, the roof over my head, and the meals on the table for granted for the past 17 years of my life. I never worried of a time where I would not have these necessities laid out for me. To be honest, I never had a second thought about these material goods; I have been ignorant as to how these goods came to my ownership, and this, I believe, needs to be recognized.

I know that as the calendar year comes to an end, our minds begin to overflow with thoughts of schoolwork, exams, and stress, but we all need to remind ourselves to refresh, refuel, and reexamine the aspects of our daily lives. We need to remember to stay open-minded of those less fortunate and fulfill those needs during this time of giving.

My goal this holiday season is to keep myself mindful, educated, and aware of any possible situation of people just like you and me. Instead of being caught up in all of the outside drama surrounding everyday life, strive to give yourself, lend a helping hand, and remember to not take anything for granted. Live in the moment, and most importantly: be thankful.

-Brigie Kelley ’18


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