Athletes React to the Election

Whether you support the President-elect or not, it is a time of change for America. Some athletes had a surprising amount to say about this, choosing to break out of the “I’m just going to focus on the game” mentality that other players have portrayed. For instance, Russell Westbrook, 2016 NBA All-Star Game MVP and point guard for the Oklahoma City Thunder, told reporters, “I didn’t vote for Trump, I’ll tell you that much.” PGA Golfer John Daly took a different stance, tweeting, “Congrats my grt friend & President of the US! @realDonaldTrump #NowMakeAmericaGreatAgain bc I know u will! Thk u 4 putting Americans 1st.” John Daly still remains the only golfer to hit a tee shot off a can of beer.

Athletes from other countries had their say as well. FC Bayern Munich center back Javi Martinez tweeted, “The end of my @MLS career in the future? (Laughing Emoji),” a statement that undermined Trump and the MLS, poking fun at the stigma that great players go to the MLS after they grow too old to play in Europe. Patrick Peterson remarked on how he was grateful to have dual citizenship because he plays for the Toronto Raptors.

Our President-elect has had a proclivity for sexist comments in the past. So when Donald Trump was announced the winner, it wasn’t a surprise that female athletes were heard. Pro softball player Jennie Finch took the high road, tweeting, “We voted- but we need to be the change, help unify, join together in & through our brokenness. One by one-change the world WE live in!” However, not all female athletes stood against Trump. NASCAR driver Danica Patrick tweeted, “Was a crazy night! I look forward to @realDonaldTrump #Make America Great Again! Don’t we all want America to be great! Stay positive Mercia [sic] !”

Whether they supported Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, or even Evan McMullin, all athletes had the same mindset—a safe and prosperous country.

-Noah Frato-Sweeney ’20

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