Need Some Tips On Preparing For Tests?

Are your study skills atrocious? Do you procrastinate until the night before the test? Do you cram five minutes before an exam and end up crying in a puddle of notecards and abandoned dreams for a successful future? Then you’ve come to the right place, you hot mess! Here’s a few tips on how to … Continue reading

Fall Dance Performance Takes Off

Lively music. Synchronized movement. Beautiful choreography. Western Reserve Academy’s 2016 fall dance performance, titled Leaving on a Jet Plane and performed in KFAC on November 11th and 12th, was an incredible performance filled with vivid colors and exciting dance moves. When questioned about the process that led to this amazing performance, director Emily Barth commented, … Continue reading

Steve Bannon Unfit for Top White House Position

Steven Bannon should not be anywhere near the White House. From his involvement with white nationalist groups to his endorsement by some questionable figures morally, Bannon is not someone I want representing our country. Here are the reasons why. First off, Bannon was the executive chairman of Breitbart News Network, which he himself called “the … Continue reading

Look at my Dab: Investigating the Dance Move of 2016

While whipping, “nae nae-ing,” and twerking are dance moves performed by many, there is a dance move that became popular in 2016 and has risen much higher than any other pop culture dance move: the dab. When performing the dab, or dabbing, the dancer drops his head into the crook of his arm while raising … Continue reading

Trump Presidency Poised to Stagnate Middle Class

When “middle America” delivered a shocking upset this past November, the punditry proclaimed that this was the triumph of wage-earners and former industrial strongholds against an indifferent “liberal elite.” The common idea goes as follows: the embrace of outsourcing and automation by corporations left Rust Belt neighborhoods in tatters. Politicians jumped into bed with the … Continue reading

Luchita’s Mexican Restaurant Offers Array of Dining Choices

The city of Hudson is full of amazing and diverse restaurants. Whatever you are craving, you can probably find it downtown. In desperate need of a hamburger? Check out Flip Side. Want to take your taste buds on a trip to the Middle East? We have Aladdin’s Eatery. Want to wait an hour for quite … Continue reading

Brigie Speaks: Blinded by Fortune

Each and every one of us is continuously being supported by someone. Even when we are feeling down and blue, when it truly feels like nobody is on our side, there is always someone keeping our best interest in mind. There is always someone inside the Reserve bubble, or extending the borders of our campus. … Continue reading

Movie Review: Doctor Strange

If you find yourself looking for something to do over the holidays, look no further than Marvel’s newest eye-popping masterpiece, Doctor Strange. The new film features a strong and recognizable cast, with incredible actors and actresses like Chiwetel Ejiofor and Rachel McAdams. And, Benedict Cumberbatch makes an appearance as the protagonist of the story. Cumberbatch … Continue reading

The Coin: Backpack Ban Brings Piles of Problems

Each issue two Reserve Record writers debate an important issue for “The Coin.” January’s topic is WRA Campus Security’s new “Backpack Ban.”  One of the many choices that WRA students face daily is the seemingly simple decision of where to leave backpacks. Our sprawling campus offers many options to stow bags between classes, but I … Continue reading

The Coin: New Bookbag Crackdown is Years Overdue

Each issue two Reserve Record writers debate an important issue for “The Coin.” January’s topic is WRA Campus Security’s new “Backpack Ban.”  Finally, the ban on backpacks in the Chapel and Ellsworth is here. Ever since I was a freshman, I have seen the need for it. Each day, I leave my backpack on Brick … Continue reading

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