WRA’s First Open House Welcomes Potential Students

Western Reserve Academy hosted its first Open House of the 2016-2017 school year on October 9, allowing dozens of prospective students to get a firsthand look at Reserve life and learn more about the school before application season.

From 1:00 to 3:30 on that bright Sunday afternoon, a grand total of forty-seven students visited the campus. Prospective students from four states—Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and California—were in attendance at the event. There was a beautiful music performance in the Chapel, followed by a warm welcome to the visitors from our Head of School, Mr. Burner.  followed by a presentation by Mr. Morrissey, the Dean of Admissions.

Afterwards, they were shown around campus by some of our current students, such as Camila Tobon ’17 and Olivia Chan ’17, who generously volunteered their time to assist with the tour and did a wonderful job doing so. In addition to the usual academic buildings of Seymour and Wilson, the impressive Center for Technology, Innovation, and Creativity (CTIC), or as it’s more commonly known, the Makerspace, was shown off as well, a powerful example of the amazing opportunities offered to students here at Reserve.

The final stop was the Wilson reading room, where students and parents were greeted to an array of refreshments, courtesy of the dining hall. At the conclusion of the tour, there was a chance to meet with faculty, including the department chairs, representatives from the Admissions Office, and Mr. Burner. The guests departed for home afterward, taking with them the memories of Reserve that they gained.

Those forty-seven students and their families will no doubt come away with a positive impression of our beautiful school. Hopefully, those potential Pioneers, as well as the students attending the next Open House on Sunday, November 13, will choose to start the next school year here at WRA.

-Aidan Johnson ’18

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