Omigod, Omigod, You Guys!

A playboy bunny, two adorable dogs, sorority girls, and a whole lot of bending and snapping—The Western Reserve Academy community experienced all this plus more this past Halloween weekend. The comedic musical, Legally Blonde, came alive on our very own KFAC stage as there was plenty acting, singing, and dancing to go around.

The first act follows Elle Woods, played by Sarah Jones ’17, to Harvard Law School as she cannot let go of her ex-boyfriend, Warner Huntington III, played by Elliot Ong ’17. Elle, President of her sorority, Delta Nu, tells the tale of her struggle through the elite university along side of her other sorority sisters and friends she meets.

Directed by Ms. Midge Karam, she exclaimed, “The main takeaway is ‘don’t judge a book by it’s cover.’ But more than that, it’s a reminder to stay true to who you are. And to know that it’s okay to be smart and beautiful—neither of those things are mutually exclusive.”

The musical featured numerous seniors as it was their final year to hit the stage in a WRA musical. Adjoa Tettey-Fio ’17, playing a headstrong lesbian and Harvard Law student named Enid Hoops, reflected, “I couldn’t have asked for a better cast and crew to have done my last Reserve musical with. I had so much fun and all the memories and laughs we had will stay with me forever.” The cast, pit, and crew all agree that this production was one of the most “dumb,” but entertaining, experiences they have shared throughout the lengthy rehearsals and performance nights.

It was no secret that many students involved in the show embraced their exaggerated characters. Jones exclaimed, “This role is a dream come true. I love playing Elle!” Ian Israelson ’17, actor of Professor Callahan, took this opportunity to play “the biggest jerk with no repercussions” to his advantage. Sidney Preston ’17, who played Serena—a Deltu Nu and one of Elle’s closest friends, remarked, “It was a bit daunting playing a part where the character was so drastically different from me and my personality, but it just got more and more fun with each rehearsal.” Another honorary Delta Nu sister, Katie Elkind ’18, commented, “I played the role of Margot, who was the ditzy one of three of Elle’s main sorority friends. She was so high-energy and had to always be moving and just a little spazzy.”

The fall production was no doubt one of the student body’s all-time favorite musicals as lots of laughter showered through the KFAC theatre. Thank you for everyone’s contribution to make this a spectacular show!

-Olivia Chan ’17

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