Group of Students Attend Diversity Conference at Camp Wise

Over the weekend before the long anticipated Mid-Fall Break, four eager Reserve students had the amazing opportunity to attend a diversity conference at Camp Wise. Kia Ruffin ‘17, Makena Hayes ‘17, Joseph Jordan ‘18, and Judy Yin ‘19 traveled to Camp Wise in Chardon, Ohio to take part in a diversity conference that focused on the problems arising from socio-economic inequalities.  

The focus of the conference was to educate the students about the inequalities of health care, incarceration, gender inequality among professional sports and many more tragedies.” explains Kia. Makena ardently notes that, “ America’s prison system is deplorable.” She goes on to list numerous frightening statistics that really emphasize her statement. Most notably are the facts that there are currently more prisons than colleges in America and that the establishment of a minimum sentence for nonviolent criminals is greatly contributing to the overflow of prisoners in our jails.

When asked about the impact the conference had on each person, they all answered fervently about how important it is to discuss these prevalent difficulties and how ecstatic they were about participating in such an important and relevant discussion. Judy Yin’s epiphany at this conference was that she, “realized the privilege I have [she had], and the importance of this realization.” The impact of such an critical conference on a member of the Reserve community really shows just how necessary it is for these conferences to occur so that pressing issues can be discussed and tackled.

Every diversity conference has the aim of discussing a focused topical problem that is currently impacting the world in a generally negative way. At this specific conference, the topic was focused on the inequalities that exist between racial and economic divides between and within nations. Kia mentions a true story that focuses on one man who robs a bank for a single dollar in order to receive the same health care that prisoners do. The sad truths that are evident in this story provide perfect reasons for organizing a pointed discussion with the goal of devising a solution to the problems encountered. The diversity conference that Kia, Judy, Makena, and Joseph attended echoes WRA’s active involvement in the betterment of the world and the inner workings of each country.

Sash Davis ’18

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