Fun Home Review

Imagine the situation of a homosexual. It should come as no mystery that figuring out his sexuality and sharing it with his loved ones is a hard thing for him to do in this day and age. How old is this person you have imagined? A teenager in high school or college? I invite you to imagine a man in his thirties or forties. A man who was so confused and afraid of what would happen to him that he kept himself hidden his whole life, but just cannot anymore. If the emotions or struggles of this hypothetical man intrigue you, Fun Home is a perfect way for you to observe just that.

This musical by Lisa Kron, delivers the compelling story of Bruce Bechdel, a homosexual father of three, who is married to a woman and becoming more open about his true self. One of his daughters, Alison, tells the story through her eyes. She discovers in college that she is a lesbian, and Fun Home will show you how the relationship between this father-daughter duo either starves or thrives.

In the timeframe the musical takes place, Alison is forty-three and is reminiscent of her life so far and her relationship with her father. One of the brilliant styles Lisa Kron takes advantage of is the memory system, because there are, in fact, three Alisons:  ten-year-old “small-Alison,” nineteen-year-old “medium-Alison” and our narrator, Alison. While Fun Home’s script, characters, and plot are truly inspiring, the music leaves a little to be desired. It is not terrible, but nothing that will make you want to get up out of your seat, nothing that you have not seen already. But, despite the lacking in musical excellence, Fun Home is well worth your while.

So if you are in the mood for a heart-wrenching, emotion-provoking, awe-inspiring, beautifully written musical, I absolutely recommend Fun Home. Sadly, I must deduct points for lackluster music; however, it is definitely worth seeing.

-Elliot Ong 17

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