Welcome to the Reserve Record: Online Edition

Hello and welcome to the Reserve Record’s online edition! Like our print edition, this website is entirely student run. It has all our recent articles as well as photos and videos. The articles are uploaded in a big batch when each issue comes out (about once a month). Comments are on, but please be respectful; … Continue reading

Nataupsky Navigates Naviance

Jillian Nataupsky is one of the many new faculty members here at Western Reserve Academy, and is the latest addition to the college counseling committee. Originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania, she previously worked at Mercersburg Academy before coming to WRA. Nataupsky is also the Dorm Head of Ellsworth 2nd, a position she explained she “loves.” But … Continue reading

Welcome Back, Velbeck

Katie Velbeck has been a part of the Western Reserve Academy dance program for years, serving as interim dance instructor during Emily Barth’s maternity leaves. Last year, Velbeck choreographed “Leaving On a Jet Plane” for the Fall Dance Performance. This year, Velbeck will collaborate with Barth in the WRA dance program, and they are currently … Continue reading

CTIC Entrance

The new entrance to the Center for Technology, Innovation & Creativity, or CTIC, is sporting brand new furniture, a massive display of nine TV monitors and a bright abstract lighting display. Double glass doors lead from the entrance space to the CTIC itself, with a new, alluring centerpiece inside: the wall of lights. The wall … Continue reading

News With North: North Korea

It seems that every time I tune in to watch Fox News or any other reputable news source, North Korea is a frequently discussed topic. So, what does that all mean? Why do we find ourselves in this situation? North Korea has been developing a nuclear arsenal for some time, and the fact that they … Continue reading

Karam Leads Music, Orchestra & Band

After a two year hiatus from Western Reserve Academy’s Orchestra, Margaret Karam ’79 is ready to return to teaching orchestra and band, as well as continuing to teach choir, serving as Afternoon Music advisor and directing the fall musical, Urinetown. Karam has been a part of the WRA community for as long as many can … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Harley Fisher

One of Western Reserve Academy’s most prominent artists is Harley Fisher ’19. When she was just twelve, her aunt and uncle introduced her to the animated film Howl’s Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki. This movie inspired her to start drawing; she loved the movie so much that she started drawing scenes from it. “Soon, I … Continue reading

Wu Performs “Mermaid’s Song”

On September 1 during morning meeting, Rain Wu ’20 performed a piece for the Western Reserve Academy community. The piece was “The Mermaid’s Song,” written by Austrian composer Joseph Haydn. Wu learned this song during her freshman year at WRA and enjoyed singing it. During her performance Wu sang in Bel Canto, a style of … Continue reading

Stoked About Stokes

Denis Tyler Stokes comes from North Carolina and Clemson University. He is “excited about the sense of community” and the “welcoming environment” of WRA. He enjoys Sour Patch Kids and Jennifer Aniston, his favorite candy and celebrity crush. “The mix of sour and sweet that it brings to your mouth… I can’t explain it.” A … Continue reading

Zelch: Trump Dumps Dreamers

President Trump has repealed Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, an Obama-era government program that shields undocumented immigrants who arrived in the United States as children from deportation. DACA allows these immigrants, known as Dreamers, to receive basic benefits in exchange for registration and a background check every 2 years. These benefits include a … Continue reading

Fox is Fitting In

Elizabeth Fox joined the Western Reserve Academy community and will be working in the Athletics Department. Fox attended Brandeis University for one year and Newbury College for three years. Fox was a two sport athlete during her time at Newbury, captaining the women’s soccer team and playing on the softball team. Last year, Fox worked … Continue reading