Welcome to the Reserve Record: Online Edition

Hello and welcome to the Reserve Record’s online edition! Like our print edition, this website is entirely student run. It has all our recent articles as well as photos and videos. The articles are uploaded in a big batch when each issue comes out (about once a month). Comments are on, but please be respectful; … Continue reading

New COVID Protocols Shift Campus Ambience

 In March of 2020, as the world began to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Western Reserve Academy students would never have assumed that they would still be experiencing the effects of this virus nearly one and a half years later. As technologies and efforts to suppress the spread of COVID-19 have evolved, … Continue reading

Schedule Change

 Western Reserve Academy students returned to campus on August 16th to start the 2021-2022 school year. Coming off a year affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many changes on campus, including another schedule alteration.  These changes have resulted in another year of puzzled students navigating the lawn’s wide sweep while searching for their … Continue reading

 Supernatural Beings Inhabit Dorms and Faculty Housing

 Although the school year has just begun, two students have already noticed paranormal activity in their dorm rooms at Western Reserve Academy through suspicious light activity and odd sounds at night.  WRA’s history spans almost 200 years and throughout its existence, various accounts of supernatural experiences have been shared, an unsurprising fact due to the … Continue reading

 Should Cancel Culture Be Canceled?

 The first time I heard the term “cancel culture,” I was listening to the radio, flipping through broadcast after broadcast. Confused, I pressed pause on the scanner, straining to hear the commentator through the static as she referenced this unknown concept—yet, despite no prior exposure to the term, I felt an instant surge of recognition … Continue reading

 Why The Test Optional Policy Should Stay

 Last year, the world watched as college after college announced their decision to go “test optional.” This policy gives students the option of not submitting test scores—either because their scores were not reflective of their abilities or because they were not able to take the test. Other schools have gone completely test-blind, which means they … Continue reading

Senior Day Students Work To Raise Driving Age

Disclaimer: “The Eggplant” is a satirical, fictional column written by the staff of the Reserve Record.  Perhaps one of the biggest annoyances that upperclassmen day students, especially seniors, have had to face thus far in the year is the lack of parking at the Murdough Athletic Center. Even those who have been showing up hours … Continue reading

 Blizzard to Rename McCree

 Over the past few weeks, some major discourse has been directed toward Blizzard Entertainment surrounding a case of sexual harassment that made the workplace environment uncomfortable and unsafe for women. One of the men who was fired from Blizzard Entertainment was named Jesse McCree. Those who play Blizzard’s FPS shooter, Overwatch, are seeing a major … Continue reading

 Back to School Crossword

 ACROSS  3 The stomach of a cow 6 Abhorred 7 A portion of a literary work 9 Light, abbreviated 10 Look at and understand 12 Violent public disorder 14 The seven ___ 17 Airport path 19 Lead utensil 20 Fall behind 21 Ink utensil 22 Rising ___ 23 Native American tribe from New York 25 … Continue reading

Comic by Gisa Karamaga ’22

– Gisa Karamaga ’22

 Recruit Numbers Rise

 As Western Reserve Academy assembles for the school year and returning students continue adjusting to the new administrative direction, one cannot helpe but notice the upward trend in the number of sports recruits. WRA Head of School Suzanne Buck is often credited with the new athletic focus. While last year mainly increased numbers in boys … Continue reading