Welcome to the Reserve Record: Online Edition

Hello and welcome to the Reserve Record’s online edition! Like our print edition, this website is entirely student run. It has all our recent articles as well as photos and videos. The articles are uploaded in a big batch when each issue comes out (about once a month). Comments are on, but please be respectful; … Continue reading

Entertainment Returns: The WRAp

Entertainment Returns: The WRAp Arthur Johnson ’22 Western Reserve Academy’s premier late-night talk show, the WRAp, held its first show of the year on the 15th of January. Due to complications from the pandemic, the WRAp was forced to premier an entirely pre-recorded show for the first time in its 2 year history. When questioned … Continue reading

Listen to Your Elders, Kids

Listen to Your Elders, Kids Corny CantaloupeEggplant Editor With the start of a new year, the class of 2021 looks ahead to new adventures and opportunities. As college decisions come in and the cloud of uncertainty slowly fades away, the class of 2021 rejoices in their past 4 years at Western Reserve Academy (or maybe … Continue reading

Yellow Peril in Knox’s Ten Commandments

Yellow Peril in Knox’s Ten Commandments Selma Wu ’21Art Coordinator It all starts with a detective named Erika Furudo from Umineko: When They Cry. To begin with, Umineko, first released in 2007, is a Japanese murder mystery written by Ryukishi07. Dedicated to inspiring readers’ imagination as well as celebrating literary traditions, Umineko alludes to many … Continue reading

Orwell Never Dies: On the Importance of Clear Political Language

Orwell Never Dies: On the Importance of Clear Political Language Elie Aoun ’21Editor-in-Chief In American political discourse it has become stale to quote George Orwell’s novels 1984 and Animal Farm to claim the other side is totalitarian. The great insight of 1984, however, is that language shapes politics; totalitarianism takes root only after you have … Continue reading

The Winter Crossword!

The Winter Crossword! Elie Aoun ’21Editor-In-Chief ACROSS 1 Fictional humanoid monsters from Lord of the Rings 4 Bath___; place you bath in 7 Short for a person who resides in a different country than their birthplace 9 Fluid from trees 12 Subreddit for interviews and asking questions 13 Cease 14 Writing style and format for … Continue reading

An Acrostic Poem

An Acrostic Poem Charles Randazzo ’22 Math extraordinaireReally cool Class is funLove his classOh what a wonderful teacherSOH CAH TOAEveryone likes math when he teaches itNothing is better than Mr. Closen’s math class

Pixar’s Soul Touches our Souls

Pixar’s Soul Touches our Souls Jack Colafella ’23 Soul is yet another Pixar film, joining the likes of classics from my childhood like Up, Ratatouille, and Cars. The film was released exclusively on Disney+, one of the many popular streaming services over the last few years (which I do not have). After all the positive … Continue reading

Common App and COVID-19

Common App and COVID-19 David King ’22 2020 has brought challenges to multitudes of global citizens. For minority groups and high school seniors alike, many obstacles stand in the way of the future. From the moment the Common App opened in August, the Class of 2021 knew this process would be unlike any year past. … Continue reading

WRA Thanks Athletic Teams for Herd Immunity Against COVID

WRA Thanks Athletic Teams for Herd Immunity Against COVID Sword Bagel ’21Editor In a shocking turn of events, the WRA administration has praised the Reserve sports teams for their exposure to COVID-19, citing that it has created “herd immunity” among students. In a statement made late last Saturday, Mrs. Buck remarked: “COVID-19 has been a … Continue reading

“Infection Tag” With COVID Causes Outbreak

“Infection Tag” With COVID Causes Outbreak Jelly Clown ’21Editor-in-Chief Many students are shocked that their choice to break into a nursing home to contract COVID-19 and play tag led to their suspension (and immediate quarantine). A few unnamed students decided they would get infected in the nursing home and play a game of tag where … Continue reading